Siemens PFA 100 Platelet Function Analyzer Hemostasis System


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Siemens PFA 100 Platelet Function Analyzer Hemostasis System

  • Siemens PFA 100 Platelet Function Analyzer Hemostasis System

  • Includes power cord

  • Powers on and passes self checks and prints the results. Please see pictures

  • The Siemens PFA-100 Platelet Function Analyzer is an automated instrument that provides rapid results on quantitative and qualitative platelet abnormalities. Test cartridges contain membranes coated with collagen/epinephrine or collagen/ADP to stimulate platelet aggregation.

Features and further details

PFA-100 System has become the new standard for detection of platelet
dysfunction. The PFA-100 Analyzer quickly and easily measures platelet
plug formation in a small, whole blood sample (<1 mL) and reports a
”Closure Time” in 5-8 minutes. It is a unique system that challenges
platelets under high shear flow conditions similar to the physiologic
environment in which platelets normally function. It detects inherited-,
acquired- or induced- platelet dysfunction by uniquely simulating, in
vitro, the function of platelets in Primary Hemostasis

A Model of Efficiency:

  • Accurate detection of inherited, acquired or induced platelet dysfunction under high-shear stress
  • Sensitive to quantitative and qualitative abnormalities of VWD in both plasma and platelets
  • Simple, rapid and precise assessment of platelet function

Test Menu:

  • Collagen/Epinephrine and Collagen/ADP test cartridges


  • Easy to use – self-contained disposable test cartridges
  • Fast – delivers quantitative results within 5 to 8 minutes
  • Cost savings – minimal sample manipulation and maintenance required

Technical Specifications

Test System


High-shear force dynamic flow system


Measuring channel

Single measuring channel


Incubation category

Two incubation wells


Incubation temperature

37.9 °C ± 1.0 °C


Incubation warm up-time

<15 minutes (room to operating temperature)





Sample Handling

Type of sample

Citrated whole blood


Sample mechanism

Manual pipette dispensing (800 μL)


Barcode identification

Optional external barcode reader for sample identification





Reagent Handling


Single disposable self-contained test cartridge


Reagent recognition

Positive optical coding reagent cartridge identification


Additional reagent

Trigger solution






Single test

Col/EPI or Col/ADP: 6 tests/hour


Duplicate test

Col/EPI or Col/ADP: 10 tests/hour







LCD display


Host connection

Unidirectional, external PC RS-232 25 pin D port


Patient ID

Maximum 12 numeric characters


Stored control results

Last 50 results


Stored patient results

Last 20 results


Software update








Built-in dot matrix printer, sound level printing 77 dBA



Ribbon Epson #ERC-22 black or #ERC-09 purple


Printer paper

58 mm wide paper roll





Power Supply

Operating voltage

100 – 130 V / 60 Hz, 200 – 250 V / 50 Hz


Mains frequency

50 – 60 Hz


Current (maximum)

1.5 A @ 100 V, 0.75 A @ 200 V


Power consumption

110 W (maximum)



Sloblo, 250 V, 1.5 A



Main supply voltage should not exceed recommended ranges





Environmental Conditions

Operating temperature

 18 – 29 °C


Non-operating storage

 -29 – 50 °C


Relative humidity

 20 – 90 %


Altitude (maximum)

 2000 meters


Operating humidity

 20 – 90 % RH


Non-operating storage humidity

 0 – 95 % RH


Heat emission

 94 kcal/h (375 BTU/h)







384 mm x 229 mm x 360 mm (W x D x H)



10.9 kg






The PFA-100 System is available for sale in the US and complies to the IVD Directive 98/79/EC.

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