Redfield IRC 2100 InfraRed Coagulator Electrosurgical Tattoo Removal Hemorrhoid


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Redfield IRC 2100 InfraRed Coagulator Electrosurgical Tattoo Removal Hemorrhoid

  • Redfield IRC 2100 InfraRed Coagulator

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Features and further details

Infrared Coagulation

Offer your patients relief from bleeding and discomfort of internal
hemorrhoids right in your office, with a fast, safe, non-surgical
procedure that’s easy to learn and use.
In more than 20 years of clinical experience, a majority of patients
chose infrared coagulation (IRC) over other hemorrhoid treatments. This
non-surgical procedure can significantly shorten recovery time, allowing
patients to return to normal activities immediately. IRC is safe and
effective. Complications are rare and usually limited to minor post
procedure bleeding. IRC offers state-of-the-art, user-friendly
technology and excellent reimbursement from Medicare and private

IRC 2100 Infrared Coagulator Features

  • LED Timer
  • Hand Applicator support – the hand applicator and lamp assembly is designed for comfort
  • The Quartz Glass Light-guide converts infrared light to heat
  • Simple, quick procedure, easy to learn and use – no extensive training required
  • Takes only seconds to perform
  • Instantaneous coagulation without smoke nor odor – even in a wet field
  • Less pain, fewer complications than rubber band ligation
  • No disinfection required – sterile disposable sheath reduces the risk of cross-contamination

How Does IRC Work?

No preparation, medication or anesthesia is required prior to the
treatment, which lasts approximately 10 minutes per session; in
emergency or urgent care facilities this can drastically increase
patient turn over time and reduce wait times.
During the procedure a small probe is positioned directly above the
hemorrhoid and several quick bursts of infrared light are applied. The
light coagulates the veins that supply the hemorrhoid with blood
effectively eliminating its supply and causing it to diminish in size.
The patient may experience a feeling of warmth around the area but it
should not be painful. Over the next few weeks the hemorrhoid will
continue to shrink and post treatment effects are extremely rare, seen
in less than one percent of patients.
On average one to four treatments are required, with a small incidence
of recurrence. Patients should avoid heavy lifting or straining but will
otherwise be able to resume normal activity immediately following the

Hemorrhoid Treatment Options

  • Rubber band litigation or hemorrhoid banding – A specialized rubber band is wound around the base of the hemorrhoid, cutting off the blood supply and causing it to shrink.
  • Sclerotherapy – A chemical solution is injected into the hemorrhoid which hardens the tissue and collapses the veins.


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