Dynatech Nevada Impulse 3000 Analyzer w/ Case


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Dynatech Nevada Impulse 3000 Analyzer w/ Case

  • Dynatech Nevada Impulse 3000 Analyzer
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The Impulse 3000 is a precision instrument that makes the
measurements required to thoroughly test the performance of defibs. The main function of the Impulse 3000 is to measure the
energy output of the defib.

The instrument contains a load resistance -50 ohms- approximating
that of the human body. The  paddles are placed on the
contact plates of the Impulse 3000 and the defib is discharged
into the load. The instrument calculates and displays the energy

    Features and further details

    • Measures the energy delivered to the load
    • Performs a cardioversion test by simulation a heartbeat at the ECG
      leads and measuring the delay time from the R-wave peak to the firing
      time of a synchronized defib. The ECG signal is also present on
      the paddle contact plates for pickup by the defib directly
      through the paddles
    • Outputs a voltage -attenuated signal of the defib pulse in real time for viewing on an oscilloscope
    • Plays back the defib pulse at a slow speed out the ECG leads for viewing on a cardiographic recorder


    • The impulse 3000 has two energy ranges. The low range is designed to
      be especially useful to test low-power defibs, including
      internal defibs.
    • An internally generated pulse, similar to an actual defib
      pulse, can be used to test the equipment under test (EUT) or to simulate
      a pulse when desired.
    • The paddle contact plates are connected to the ECG signal so the defib can pick up the heartbeat waveform through its paddles.
      The paddle contact plates have a provision (a hole in the mounting
      screw) for plugging in special contacts for internal defib
      paddles. These contacts are included as standard accessories. In
      addition, special contacts for connecting to specific defibs are
      available as optional accessories.
    • The Impulse 3000 can be powered from a battery for portable operation, or from the line with the Battery Eliminator.
    • The Impulse 3000 uses a true differential amplifier input so that
      the defib can be fired from either polarity. The energy is
      measured correctly even from grounded defibs. For proper
      polarity of the scope output, put the apex (+) paddle on the right and
      the sternum (-) paddle on the left.
    • The Impulse 3000, under control of a microprocessor, measures and
      stores the instantaneous voltage of the defib pulse every 125
      microseconds, 512 times, fiving a measurement window of 64 milliseconds.
    • The instrument has a serial RS-232 port that can be used to output
      test results to a printer, the medTester (software version 3.16 and
      above), or other devices.
    • The medTester interfaces with the Impulse 3000 via a specialized cable available from DNI Nevada and the RS-232 of both units.

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