I would like to express my gratitude to Jennifer for the help she provided me. It’s great to talk with someone who is truly helpful. Please let her know that I sent this e-mail and appreciate the great customer service she provided. It has been my experience that employees are always noticed when they do something wrong, but you never hear when they do something above and beyond the call of duty. I feel that Jennifer went above and beyond and deserves to be recognized for her professionalism. Thanks again Jennifer.

Mark Johnson, Manager

I purchased a refurbished AED for my store. The order arrived in 5 days as promised. I have ordered other products from other companies in the past and have been disappointed. This was not the case this time. This product far exceeded my expectations! I love it! The quality is wonderful. I will be ordering another one soon. Thanks for providing such a quality product at such an affordable price.

Ivana Wong, Consultant

I am so absolutely thankful that CHD Medical has the supplies and costs our company needs!

Mr. John Anderson, Designer